IBMCompatible Bulk Dump Utilities and Instructions

    Hook up your PSR-400/500 to the midi port on your computer.

    Obtain the program that will enable you to saveyour personal PSR400/500 page memories.

      The program I use is called MIDI data filter v4.0 (MS-DOS).

      It can be found here.

      When you first click on the name of the program, the screen will turnin to a bunch of random letters. (This is supposed to happen.)

      After the loading is complete,

        The program will be saved in the cache directory of your browser withthe extension ".exe"

        Go to the file manager (windows).

        Create a new directory called c:\mdf

        For netscape users, copy or move the program from c:\netscape\cacheto the new directory.


      Exit windows.

      Run the program. (It should create 3 more files in your new directory.)

    Using the program

      The first time you use the program, it will create a file called mdf.ini

      From the dos prompt, type

        cd\mdf (Enter)

        mdf (Enter...The program will creat the mdf.ini)

    Saving, Downloading, and Recalling files.

      After your PSR-400/500 keyboard is hooked up,

      Make sure you are in the mdf directory at the dos prompt.

      You can use any extension when creating a bulk dump file.

      If you wanted to creat a file called "test.yam",

        mdf test.yam (Enter...The program will read the mdf directory, and ifit doesn't find the file name it will create a new one.)

        When the program tells you to start the bulk dump, you press the bulkdump button on the PSR-400/500, and then you press the number of the pagememory you want to save. The PSR will read bdP.

        The monitor will show you the process of saving the file. It usuallytakes about 20 seconds.

      Downloading a page memory from the Bulk dump page.

        Scroll to the file that you want.

        Click on the file to download it. (For Netscape users, hold down theshift key while clicking on the file to bring up the "save as"dialogue box.

        It would be best to save them in the "C:\MDF" directory.

      If you wanted to recall a file previously savedcalled "",

        mdf (Enter...The program will look in the mdf directory forthe file name "" if it finds the file, it will automaticallystart sending it. The PSR's multidisplay will change, showing you thatit is working.)

      If you want to recall a file that was downloaded in a different directory,just copy the Bulk Dump file to the MDF directory, and repeat the process.

If there are any additional questions regarding the use of theprogram, read mdf.doc.

If there are any other questions just e-mail Pat Brown fromthe home page.

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