Linux Notes and Instructions

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    Here is some background.

    This brand new section of the Yamaha PSR-500 / 400 user's website is under development.  If you would like to contribute ideas, suggestions, help, or instructions, please contact us.

    A personal note from proclus-
    I sold my Apple G3, and built my own AMD-based Linux box. Check this link for details.

      username: geek
      password: indulgence

    The reason for this move was that I wanted to run Linux and do midi. As a musician, LinuxPPC was not cutting it for me. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I simply changed platforms. I'm a coder, but, I didn't have the time or desire to write a midi driver for LinuxPPC. Flame me, if you want. If the LinuxPPC midi driver situation has changed, please let me know, and I will remove this rant. Until that time, these instructions will be for the platforms that already have adequate midi drivers. I am fairly satisfied with my x86 music machine.

    Linux Midi Connectivity

    First, hook up your PSR-400 or 500 to the midi port on your computer (sound card may be required).

    If you want to do something more sophisticated than play midi files, you will probably need a new driver. In my experience, the native kernal drivers are inadequate for the serious musician. Here are the links for the two major providers of Linux midi drivers. One is open source, and the other is not.


    I am using the commercial OSS driver for my Creative 128 card. It cost me $30. The open source drivers do not yet support /dev/sequencer for this sound card.  If you know of an inexpensive and proven sound card for serious Linux musicians, please contact us.  Of course, it must interoperate with the PSR-x00 series.

    Linux Musician's Links

    After everything is hooked up and tested, you will need some other programs, like sequencers and such. There are literally hundreds of musician's applications for Linux. Most of them are open source and free!  If they don't work, you can fix them your self. Here are a links that I found useful or entertaining. Great softwares that I really use get the bullets.
    Yamaha PSR-500 kernel patch
    Rosegarden music software for Unix
    Sound & MIDI Software For Linux
    Harmony Central®: Software: UNIX
    CCRMA Software
    DLP's Personal Page
    Open Sound
    E-mu Systems, Inc.
    Hyperreal Streaming Page:
    Reflecting Skin
    Musikal Cyborgs
    Midi On Unix!
    The Linux Sound Playing HOWTO
    Programming /dev/sequencer and /dev/midi
    Unix Midi Plugin for Netscape




    username: geek
    password: indulgence

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