Michael L. Love
proclus@mac.com, 607-255-9386
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
209 Biotechnology Bldg., Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853 


Cornell University, Ithaca, New York; Postdoctoral Associate; August 2000 - present
Department; Molecular Biology and Genetics/MacCHESS
Lab Advisor; Dan Thiel

Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts; Ph.D.; May 2000
Program; Biochemistry
Thesis Advisor; Carolyn Cohen
Thesis Title; Troponin C - the calcium switch: Interactions of TnC with TnI and their role in thin
filament regulation

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana; B.S.; 1992
Program; Molecular Biology
Lab Advisor; Thomas J. Smith
Honors Research Advisor; John E. Johnson
Thesis Title; Isolation of empty cow pea mosaic virus capsids for electron microscopy

Research Experience and Skills:

1992-present Protein crystallographic techniques; crystallization, data collection including
extensive synchrotron experience at CHESS and BNL, isomorphous replacement,
molecular replacement, crystallographic refinement, structural analysis

Crystallographic equipment installation, maintenance, training and support
proficiency; Elliot and Rigaku x-ray generators, R-AXIS and MAR image plates,
various CCD's, Supper and Yale mirrors

Crystallographic computing and Molecular graphics expertise; CCP4
installation and support, AmoRe, ARP, CNS_solve, DENZO, DM, Gimp, Molscript,
MOSFLM, O, PhotoShop, POVray, Povscript, Rasmol, Raster3D, Scala,

Programming languages and computer operating systems including
installation, networking and maintainance proficiency; C, CGI, Fortran, HTML,
Linux, MacOS, Unix

1990-1992 Biochemical techniques; SDS-PAGE and native gels, western blot, silver and
coomassie blue staining procedures, ELISA, protein extraction, purification including
liquid chromatography with the FPLC, and density/viscosity gradient centrifugation

Technical Experience:
2000-present The GNU-Darwin Distribution founder
Advancing supercomputing and an alternative user interface for Apple computers, www.gnu-darwin.org.

1998-present Supper Mirror Consultant
Boston Biomedical Research Institute, Watertown, Massachusetts
Science Applications International Corporation, Frederick, Maryland

Physical Chemistry Consultant
ACT Medical, Newton, Massachusetts


1. Houdusse A, Love ML , Dominguez R, Grabarek Z, CohenC.: Structures of four Ca2+-bound
troponin C at 2.0 A resolution: further insights into the Ca2+-switch in the calmodulin superfamily. Structure. 1997 5:1695-711.

2. Li Y, Love ML , Putkey JA, Cohen, C.: Bepridil opensthe regulatory N-terminal lobe of cardiac troponin C. PNAS 97:5140-5145. (2000)

3. Love ML, Grabarek Z, Cohen C.: The crystal structure of troponin C complexed with troponin I 
peptide (96-123). (work in progress).

Additional Experience:

1983-1990 ATSCO Products Inc., Phoenix, Arizona; Expertise in all aspects of hydraulic systems
remanufacture, Recognized for technical contributions including quality control
improvements, operational and retooling design


1981-1983 Missionary work; Philadelphia, PA.

1977-1983 Military training; Coast Guard Reserve; Graduated with distinction; Yorktown Training


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