Many thanks go to my fellow lab members, who helped me in science, in writing, in conversation, and so on. Thank you Yu Li, Jerry Brown, Suet Mui. Special thanks go to Anne Houdusse, who brought her exceptional talents of structural analysis to the problems we faced in Chapter 2, and to Roberto Dominguez, who taught me the practical protein crystallographic method and much more.

Also, thanks go to the Brandeis detector group. In particular, thank you Walter Phillips, Marty Stanton and Charlie Ingersoll, who taught me about the hardware and software of crystallographic data collection. I solved my first structure using data from an x-ray camera that we assembled.

I am very grateful to Zenon Grabarek, our collaborator, who not only provided the protein and peptides that were used in these experiments, but also provided many biochemical insights into the problems we were facing. I am also very grateful Carolyn Cohen, my advisor and teacher, who made all of this possible and gave me a chance to become a scientist. Many Thanks!