Michael L. Love proclus@mac.com

90B Massasoit Street, Waltham, MA 02453 781-894-2985


Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts; Ph.D.; expected, May 2000

Program; Biochemistry

Thesis Advisor; Carolyn Cohen

Thesis Title; Troponin C - the calcium switch: Interactions of TnC with TnI and their role in thin

filament regulation

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana; B.S.; 1992

Program; Molecular Biology

Lab Advisor; Thomas J. Smith

Honors Research Advisor; John E. Johnson

Thesis Title; Isolation of empty cow pea mosaic virus capsids for electron microscopy

Research Experience and Skills:

1992-present Protein crystallographic techniques; crystallization, data collection including

extensive synchrotron experience at CHESS and BNL, isomorphous replacement,

molecular replacement, crystallographic refinement, structural analysis

Crystallographic equipment installation, maintenance, training and support

proficiency; Elliot and Rigaku x-ray generators, R-AXIS and MAR image plates,

various CCD's, Supper and Yale mirrors

Crystallographic computing and Molecular graphics expertise; CCP4

installation and support, AmoRe, ARP, CNS_solve, DENZO, DM, Gimp, Molscript,

MOSFLM, O, PhotoShop, POVray, Povscript, Rasmol, Raster3D, Scala,


Programming languages and computer operating systems including

installation, networking and maintainance proficiency; C, CGI, Fortran, HTML,

Linux, MacOS, Unix

1990-1992 Biochemical techniques; SDS-PAGE and native gels, western blot, silver and

coomassie blue staining procedures, ELISA, protein extraction, purification including

liquid chromatography with the FPLC, and density/viscosity gradient centrifugation

Technical Experience:

1998-present Supper Mirror Consultant

Boston Biomedical Research Institute, Watertown, Massachusetts

Science Applications International Corporation, Frederick, Maryland

Physical Chemistry Consultant

ACT Medical, Newton, Massachusetts


1. Houdusse A, Love ML, Dominguez R, Grabarek Z, Cohen C.: Structures of four Ca2+-bound troponin C at 2.0 A resolution: further insights into the Ca2+-switch in the calmodulin superfamily. Structure. 1997 5:1695-711.

2. Li Y, Love ML, Putkey JA, Cohen, C.: Bepridil opens the regulatory N-terminal lobe of cardiac troponin C. PNAS 97:5140-5145. (2000)

3. Love ML, Grabarek Z, Cohen C.: The crystal structure of troponin C complexed with troponin I peptide (96-123). (manuscript in preparation).

Additional Experience:

1983-1990 ATSCO Products Inc., Phoenix, Arizona; Expertise in all aspects of hydraulic systems

remanufacture, Recognized for technical contributions including quality control

improvements, operational and retooling design


1981-1983 Missionary work; Philadelphia, PA.

1977-1983 Military training; Coast Guard Reserve; Graduated with distinction; Yorktown Training