I am proficient in nearly every aspect of protein crystallographic methodology and technology. I am an author of three protein structure papers one in Structure, one in the PNAS, and one in submitted. I love data collection, solving structures, growing labs, maintaining grants, and publishing.

I have played a key support role at Brandeis University, Cornell, and MacCHESS which included the installation and maintenance of several x-ray cameras. I am a Supper Mirror consultant, and have assisted in several installations of these mirrors, including alignment, parameterization, and testing. I have had the Brandeis Detector Group at my side, and with the help of Marty Stanton and Walter Phillips, I have written an oscillation camera driver and a CCD image checking routine in C and Fortran. Together, Marty and I modified our local copy of MOSFLM for automatic non-uniformity and spatial correction and so on. I solved my first structure with the first camera that we installed.

Since coming to Cornell, I founded the GNU-Darwin Distribution and built the infrastructure for structural biological science on a this new computing platform, including all the tools that are required for refinement and publication of a new structures.

Finally, I'm a good and patient teacher. Please consider me for any position in protein crystallography or any other technology mentioned in my CV below or at the following link.