The Historical Proclus

The Life of Proclus
The Armillary Sphere from Proclus
The Necronomicon Anti-FAQ
The Ecole Glossary
Proclus as astronomer

The Sirius Mystery

I first became interested in the historical Proclus after reading The Sirius Mystery, by R. K. G. Temple. Here are some links related to that book.

The Mysteries of Sirius.
The Skeptic's Dictionary
The Sirius Mystery
"What is the Mystery?"
The Star Sirius

William of Moerbeke

William of Moerbeke , a neglected figure, helped to lay the foundation for the the Renaissance revival of Neoplatonism by translating the writings of Proclus into latin.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

This ancient tale can be viewed as a stellar initiation, not unlike the mormon temple endowment or the rituals of the Golden Dawn. I have an essay about this. Also, you can check out these links.

Pseudo-Dionysius and History of the Franks

Ironically, the work of Proclus was carried by Pseudo-Dionysius into Christianity. He created a fascinating and influential Christian Neoplatonism, in contrast to prevailing thought in his day, ala Gregory of Tours in History of the Franks. I am arguing that Gregory would have nothing good to say about stellar initiation, whereas Pseudo-Dionysius would heartily approve, and was probably an initiate himself. I have an essay about this. Also, you can check out these links.

The Real Me

Finally, I am a Mutant RM. If you are interested in the "real me", you can read my personal statement. It's a little dated, but you'll get the idea. I have also prepared two of my poems.

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