Mutant RM's

A circle of wired brains. This is a discussion group for radical mormons (RM's) and returned mormon missionaries who have mutated their brains. If you are a radical mormon or a returned missionary who has changed in unexpected ways, this is the place for you.

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Read the Radical Mormon (RM) FAQ!
Read The Radical Mormon News!
Here is the Mutant RM pre-history.
Are you a pagan? Before you answer, Click Here! Then, read Kerry Shirts' "Council of the Gods" essay.
This summarizes how mormon history is shaping modern minds. What shall we do with Joseph Smith?
Read Radical Mormon Thelema News!
Mormonism and extraterrestrial contact at MkzdK. This non-Mormon site presents the thoughtful mind many parallels to Joseph Smith and the Book of Abraham.
Leary, Wilson, McKenna, Watts, etc...
Joseph Smith and Kabbalah: The Occult Connection
Collier reading list
Mahonri Early-LDS Doctrine former home of the legendary MAHONRI-L
The Osiris Library has put the Gospel of Phillip on line!
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