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The Rise of the Church - Earth Hack 4777

by Michael L. Love Ph.D

In our generation we have seen the rise of the Church, bright as 
the sun and clear as the moon.  It is important to consider our
course as our Church grows in legal and economic clout.
I have a few suggestions which might help to take us to the
next step.  A wave of sanctification is overtaking this world
that God has put in our hands.  If you have not prepared yourself,
you will shrink from that glory and be damned.  This is what gets
me out of bed in the morning.  Let me explain...

What should we do?

The Lord has blessed us with bountiful gifts.  It is our duty
to honor those gifts by utilizing them in the most effective and 
godly way.  Everything we do, should be done in the spirit 
of gratitude.  It should be done with an eye single to our divine 
potential and that of our fellow human beings, the glory of God. 
It is a material world, and we must materially act in order to
honor this gift.  That is the purpose of our physical bodies.

This earth, our heritage from God, belongs to the people who
inhabit it.  Recently, it has been robbed from us by 
power lusting nation states and the forces of global corporatism,
the new fascism.  It is time to take it back.  We must let our
discontent ring in the ears of the greedy powers until
they give us back our planet.

The internet and the global communications network has shown that
there are forces which are stronger than the global corporatist 
cartels, and broader than their narrow proprietary interests.  These
forces are also bigger than nations, which rule by the leave of the
people.  In fact, the internet is the merest shadow of the what is to
come.  We will see the beginnings of new global scale engineering
projects, based not on capitalist greed, but on that altruistic
spirit, which is expressed in open source, open standards, giving and
cooperation.  It is the dawn of a divine community.  In that spirit,
the Church should open all of its historical archives and collections
to public inspection.

Only voters can fire politicians, not campaign contributors.  If 
you live in a democratic state, you must vote.  If not, there will
be a power vacuum, and these evil powers have shown that they
are all too willing to take advantage of such a situation.  
Governments rule by the leave of the people, and the people can
throw them down and set them up again.  It is our divine right
and human heritage to do so, if we choose.  How many outrages will
be perpetrated on us before we wake up and fix the problem.  Control
your government, or else you will be ruled according to monied
interests, whose narrow desires are incompatible with freedom and

Disengage from depraved media.  The revolution will not be televised.
This is not a call for censorship, but rather abstention from 
something that is not good for you.  The global media corporations
have shown us what they would give us, in a world that they control. 
We would be like the proverbial boiled frogs, cooked slowly, then
devoured. We would be inured by filthy communications into mindless
consumer robots.  We would be channeled into those options which are
only profitable for a few wealthy individuals.  We would be
controlled towards the protection of those profits.  The media are
trafficking in human debasement, but they depend on our viewership. 
Let's end this debauchery now.

Build civilization.  By this, I do not mean to build global
corporatism, which is only a segment of our society, and a particular
expression of our culture.  According to their charters, these
corporate citizens have various responsibilities in our communities
that they, in large, have not been fulfilling.  If they continue on
this course, the people can revoke those charters.  Corporations did
not make America great.  Rather, America made her corporate
citizens great.  Now they walk like titans and bullies in the
world, but it is time for the people to show them who really rules
this planet.  If they behave poorly, we can take democratic action
against them, and through global scale cooperative projects we can
best them easily.

Rattle the gates of hell.  The interests of global corporatism
are narrow at the bottom line.  They care not at all for national
and ethnic boundaries, or religious freedom.   They have shown with
their media that they will gladly debase us for a profit.  Through
the tobacco industry, we have learned that they will sell us
poison, and call it refreshing.  Exxon and others have shown us
that profits are more important to them than the environment. 
What does delicate humanity, or ethnic integrity mean to such
thugs?  How can they possibly grasp our refined purpose?  Let's
get them back under control.  Let's do it now, while they are weak,
while we still can.  Arise and shine!

Dr. Love is a staff scientist at MacCHESS, and a post-doctoral associate at Cornell University. As founder of The GNU-Darwin Distribution, he is attempting to advance supercomputing and free software on the Apple platform for the benefit of the user community at large. 

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