Radical Mormon (RM) FAQ

This FAQ is composed of the words of several Radical Mormons who are members of the Mutant RM's discussion group.
What is a Radical Mormon?

Ken Shaw wrote:
I've said before that "Mormon Fundamentalist" may have
outlived it's usefullness as a catagory, and we need a
more open-ended model so that we can take in the new
developments of good scholarship.  I've proposed the
designation "Mormon Radical" in the true sense of "Radical"
as "one who goes to the root".

I wanted to say something about the coming together of apparently
disparate thought worlds, from old-fashioned Mormon Fundamentalists
to the most far-out Thelemite MutantRM's that is happening.

The Sufis talk about a period of time, during the expansion of Islam
from China to Spain, when all of the apparently disparate "training
systems of higher functioning" of the many "religions" of the world
were suddenly thrown into conatact with each other.

The Sufis acted as arbiters of this new world wide communion and
refered to this event as "the rejoining of the Beads of Mercury".

Joseph Smith is like "mercury" in that whoever looks into him sees
his own image.

proclus wrote:
I have found that mormonism can encompass the most radical
thought that I can think.

Do Radical Mormons practice violence?

Joe Steve Swick III wrote:
I don't want folks thinking that we are into blowing up
Church buildings or threatening individual's personal safety.

proclus wrote:
I have always seen my role as that of a cultural terrorist 
(kaboom!).  However, I do agree that we need to dissociate 
ourselves from violence.  Real bombs are for real weenies!

What do Radical Mormons have in common?

proclus wrote:
Radical Mormons and Mutant RM's are usually avid readers with 
broad interest both inside and outside of Mormonism.  A survey
of Radical Mormons reveals wide diversity, but there are a 
few things that recur among them.  They are commonly influenced by 
some of the following non-mormon authors.  Robert Anton Wilson, 
Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Timothy Leary, Aleister Crowley, 
Isreal Regardie.  The list could go on and on.  It is an open-
ended philosophy.  We are ready for what ever comes down the 
revelatory pipe.  This attitude is encapsulated in the following 
quote from Joseph Smith;

(TPJS, p. 316.) 

What do people think of Radical Mormons?

proclus wrote:
Radical Mormon has more connotations than Mormon Radical.  It is associated
with polygamists, feminists, and militia men.  It may have different 
meanings depending on whether you are inside or outside the Church, or 
a "Gentile".  It is rather poetic.  The lack of associations may be advantageous
for the term Mormon Radical.  Unfortunately, it may also be more ambiguous.  A
Mormon Radical could merely refer to a political radical who happens to be
mormon, but a Radical Mormon must be radically mormon (RM;-}).

Seen in this light, Radical Mormon appears to be a term that could enter the
mainstream or be appropriated by the authorities.

How do I contact other Radical Mormons?

proclus wrote:
Visit the website and join the discussion.

Read The Radical Mormon for news!

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