The administration's notions of prevention and preemption are part of what has led to this conflict. Apologists will be quick to say that the US has _not_ preempted in Iraq, but rather we have "prevented" Iraq from attaining nefarious goals. Prevention is PR mumbo-jumbo for "preemption on steroids", and based on this notion we have invaded and engaged a sovereign nation in an unprovoked attack. In fact, that is the essence of this so-called prevention, to attack your supposed enemies before they even become a credible threat, and it is a recipe for global domination. I think that we should call it "vicious preemption" or "cruel preemption". Bellicose, bloodthirsty, etc, take your pick, and get ready, because it is a recipe for perpetual war and an endless cycle of violence. Michael L. Love/proclus/GNU-Darwin link block

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