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Geeks and other outcasts are getting the short end of the stick these days.  Just read Voices From The Hellmouth by John Katz.  If you are ready to take action, here is something that you need to read, Crackers and Crackdowns by Jason Kroll. If you prefer lighter fare, this short story is simply hilarious, and is also quite challenging in terms of free speech rights. Finally, check out GeekPAC.

I have created this page as a geek sanctuary, a haven for outcasts. Make yourself at home.  Read about my personal interests, then contribute to the discussion regarding our emerging community.

Update: Day of Infamy

Most Geeks love the US. We know alot, and we are helping alot in this time of crisis.

Geek Interests

If you want to bypass the login, send me a fixed IP number, and I'll give you permission. This is a sampling of my eccentric interests. I'm a nerd with goth leanings, a Morlock (1). Anytime you feel weird,  come to this page to find that there is someone even weirder.

Recently, I founded the GNU-Darwin Distribution. It is my main geek project at this time. FREE Darwin!

Here is a picture of my favorite geek toy, my old Mac II. With 6 nubus slots, the Mac II was truly the first hacker's Mac. I've outfitted it with a 50mHz 68030 CPU/FPU. The Mac II had a pretty advanced bus for it's day. This machine is very fast for an old Mac. In the nubus slots you will find a cheap ethernet card, a serial accelerator, and an Apple 4.8 video card. I'm a geek of music, and I need my machines to produce. This Macintosh exists to make music. In the other slots you will find a MacWaveMaker card with a Kurzweil 6MMASS chipset, and a MacProteus card with an old Emu Proteus chipset on board. I use the old Mac as a midi server.  I'm unable to use Linux on the old Mac, since there is no chance of getting drivers for these old synths. I have booted it with m68k Linux, though. Ironically, this webpage doesn't render correctly on this mac because the older versions of Netscape, the only ones that work, don't have PNG support. Apparently, the Mac community is not interested in the PNG format, and I definitely don't have time to write a plugin.

I built my own AMD-based Linux box. I use the Mandrake distribution with Windowmaker as a GUI. Underneath, I occasionally run Kfm for an icon manager. I think it looks really cool. Here are some screenshots for you, so you will know what I am trying to do with my Linux box.


I'm really enjoying my new Mandrake7.0 installation. Here are a couple of screenshots.


Here is a GNU-Darwin screenshot.

Some Mac users might wonder how I managed this... (hehehe)

Here are musician's links that have been very helpful.

CCRMA Software
Harmony Central®: Software: UNIX

My other favorite geek toy is The Radical Mormon. Heck, if I were a professional, it would go on my resume! It is a win-win situation. I publish material that I care deeply about, plus I get to play with the thing as much as I want! It would be impossible without the good book, the ArsDigita services page.

Geek Community

We can make a community of this page, if you like. I expect a kind of consensual evolution to be expressed here. A certain level of technical competence will be required.  I'm using Just for Linux   so you can even access my Linux box, if I am online.  Let's talk about how we can improve things for our community.

Finger or Talk to me at home.
Email me
If you need a GUI (2), you may be able to reach me as medici777 on AOL internet messenger, or you can Finger me on the web.
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1.  Morlock - (see illustration below) an underground technologist from H.G. Wells's story, The Time Machine.  The Time Machine movie came out in the year that I was born, 1960.  Check Neal Stephensons's article, In the Beginning was the Command Line for more information on Morlocks.

2.  GUI - graphical user interface.


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