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Version 2.0 of the MacWaveMaker controller is now available here.
(MidiShare Required)

MacWaveMaker is a nubus card midi synthesizer for Macintosh.
Every MacWaveMaker thing may be found here, and if it's not, just let me know.
If you'ld like to join the MacWaveMaker user group, send email here.

Here are some links to MacWaveMaker related sites
  • Here is a description of some 6M MASS chipset applications from Kurzweil Technology. There is also contact information for Morning Star Solutions, Inc. where you find MacWaveMaker.
  • QTMA Configuration This describes the built in support for MacWaveMaker in Quicktime 2.5.
  • If the Quicktime component did not come with your MacWaveMaker package, you can get it here. It goes in your Extensions folder

If you have Quicktime plugin, Quicktime 2.5 and MacWaveMaker properly installed, this movie will play in beautiful Super Orchestral Panned Strings. Otherwise, you will hear Fantasy chimes.
Hot!->  Now that you are set up with your gear, you are ready to jam live on the internet with ResRockets DRGN Software.
Here are some midi files that I use to control MacWaveMaker

gm_on.mid turns on general midi.
gm_off.mid turns on banks 1-4.
clobber.mid turns on banks 1-4, and sets up the following channels with interesting patches. The numerous excellent piano and keyboard patches are featured, as well as the wonderful synthesizer capabilities of MacWaveMaker.

Channel 1
Bank 0
Patch 0
Channel 2
Bank 1
Patch 0
Channel 3
Bank 2
Patch 1
Channel 4
Bank 0
Patch 1
Channel 5
Bank 1
Patch 100
Channel 6
Bank 2
Patch 103
fast strings 5
Channel 7
Bank 0
Patch 100
Channel 8
Bank 1
Patch 127
jungle tune
Channel 9
Bank 2
Patch 84
cathedral choir 2
Channel 10
Bank 3
gm drum kit
patch 0
standard set
Channel 11
Bank 0
Patch 101
Channel 12
Bank 1
Patch 32
Channel 13
Bank 2
Patch 13
pipe organ 1 (full stops)
Channel 14
Bank 0
Patch 103
sci fi
Channel 15
Bank 1
Patch 36
Channel 16
Bank 2
Patch 18
forte harpsichord

I use my Yamaha PSR-500 and some software I designed to control my MacWaveMaker. Here is my setup as it appears in PatchBay. 

MacWaveMaker includes drivers for Midi Manager, OMS and FreeMidi. You need Midishare to use my software controller. I wrote this software controller, so that I could use a minimal hardware controller with my synth. This software controller is a work in progress, and is FREEware, so use it at your own risk. Any suggestions are appreciated. If you use MidiShare, you also either need OpenShare, or you can set it up in PatchBay like this. Beware that the OMS and Midi Manager MacWaveMaker drivers may not be compatible, if you try to run them at the same time.

Set up MidiShareConnect like this.

Musician Store software homepage

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If you have a yamaha PSR-500 or PSR-400, I have some help for you here.

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