The prehistory of mutantRMs

Long way back, before the web, AJ got me on to Prodigy (*P*). That is where we first hatched our plots and staked out the territory that would later evolve into mutantRMs. The Prodigoids helped to shape what we are today. We were aided by some wonderful minds that contributed vastly to the paradigm; Kerry Shirts, Cindy LeFevre, Melissa Wunderlee, Stephanie Orris and many other Prodigoids who gave us their surprising insights. I made an archive of those discussions, which is presented for you here. Although this material has now been hashed out repeatedly in different online forums, most of us were doing it for the first time. I feel that many of these discussions were ground breaking. Please enjoy this archive and accept it as an offering of love.

The files are setext embedded in html. Send me money, and I will send you the full setext archive on disk. If you don't know what that is, just click.

The archive

Why is the book of abraham important, and should we take it seriously? abraham.html

What is the connection between AJ and Bo Gritz? andygritz.html

How do we deal with Stephanie, and what does Dave Hunt have to do with it? contrasteph.html

What does the united order really mean? coop.html

Online communities of mormons usually include a Church of Pagans or a pagan ward. copagans.html

What can we learn from anti-mormons like Dave Hunt. davehunt.html

What do prayer circles and Goddess worship have in common? goddessdance.html

What do you get when look at Mormonism and Neo-paganism side by side? mormopagan.html

Can you be Mormon and Wiccan at the same time? mormowiccan.html

Is Mormonism a "New Age" religion? newage.html

Is orthodoxy a useful concept for Mormonism? orthodox.html

Are Mormons Pagans? pagan.html

MormoPagans on the march in Pagan Boots. paganboots.html

Who is Michael Quinn? Is he good for anything? quinn.html

Space Mormons! The name says it all. spacemormons.html

What happens when someone posts the temple ritual online? templeritual.html

What happens when people are excommunicated for their beliefs? thoughtpolice.html

What does it mean to say that Mormonism is the only true religion? truechurch.html

What to we share with the Christians, really? xtian.html

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